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Itel in Brussels


By invitation of the Apulia Region, the company of Ruvo di Puglia took part as example of industrial excellence in the roadshow “Global opportunities in Apulia’s biotechnology sector”

At the invitation of the Puglia Region, the Itel of Ruvo di Puglia participated on 28 November in the roadshow “Global opportunities in Apulia’s biotechnology sector” which was held in Brussels, Belgium.
Michele Diaferia, Itel CEO, in front of an international audience of potential investors presented the activities of the company which is considered by the regional institutions as a flagship of the industrial excellence Made in Puglia. “We are very honored by the attention the Puglia Region looks at our reality with and proud of the all our advanced technology companies in this area – commented the managing Director – We try to do our job in the best possible way, by pursuing ambitious projects, investing in significant shares of turnover for research and development fields, but above all by selecting highly specialized human resources from our regional area. But that’s not enough. It is necessary to create a system between institutions, research centers, representative bodies abroad and companies to successfully face the challenges of a now globalized world: the Brussels meeting goes towards this direction”.
The meeting, organized in collaboration with the headquarter of the Puglia Region in Brussels, developped to the format of a sectorial workshop in front of a limited audience of participants, carefully selected among operators, managers and stakeholders working in the biotechnological sector in the Benelux countries, which had the opportunity to confront regional representatives on the main industry trends and investment opportunities in Puglia.
Puglia Sviluppo spa is in fact carrying out various initiatives dedicated to the regional location marketing plan which provides, among other things, for the creation of a roadshow of workshops and meetings in order to present investment opportunities in Puglia, with appointments in main cities of the countries concerned . This initiative is part of the new strategic path that has the double purpose of promoting and enhancing the Apulian excellence in the biotech sector (companies, research centers, start-ups and spinoffs that carry out innovative projects in the biotechnology sector) and to present Puglia as an innovative and attractive region for investors, both in the biotechnology sector and in the wider chemical-pharmaceutical and medical devices sector.