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for human health

Itel serves as a reference point for turnkey solutions, with services ranging from the design of hospital wards, the construction of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation shielding to the complete supply of buildings for the healthcare sector.

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LinearBeam srl is a spin-off from Itel Telecomunicazioni that has developed and implemented ERHA (Enhanced Radiotherapy with Hadrons), the innovative proton therapy system for cancer treatment

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Itelpharma is the radiopharmaceutical division of Itel Telecomunicazioni, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified pharmaceutical facility authorized by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA).

ITEL Diagnostic designs and implements complex shielding structures for diagnostic imaging

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Laboratory recognized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development

A leader in medical innovation

We offer highly specialized engineering services for the healthcare sector.

We promote innovation through the continuous development of new technologies and skills in the sectors of electromagnetic waves, fields and radiations, as well as electromagnetic compatibility, mathematical models and numerical simulations, software solutions, electronics, signal processing, precision mechanics, mechatronics, robotics and radio pharmacy.

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