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RPPS Project


The project Robotized Patient Positioning System (RPPS) has the aim to produce a functional prototype of a moving platform patient for proton therapy and radiation therapy that allows to perform the treatment plans today usable with Gantry but having a particle beam fixed. It defines a point on the axis of the accelerator isocenter of particles at a distance of 1m from the exit point of the beam itself.

The main operating parameters of the platform are:

• High positioning accuracy with respect to particles accelerator isocenter: 2mm

• Repeatability of treatment positions with respect to particles accelerator isocenter: 0.5mm

• treatment isocenter handling (tumor lesion) at all points of the volume of a 50cm sphere.

This system provides both the design and the production of demo devices, and the management software of such devices. To support the introduced innovation, there is a software system for the RPPS monitoring for continuous improvement of the same process and for the use assistance to the users of the industrialized system.

The innovative device to which this initiative points, interprets and revolutionizes the patients treatment method in protontherapy and radiotherapy.

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