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Our projects

HELIUM 3 Project

HELIUM 3 Project Gas hyperpolarization systems, in particular Helium3 (3He), for the use in magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of diseases and lung injury. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a spectroscopic technique widely [...]

RPPS Project

RPPS Project The project Robotized Patient Positioning System (RPPS) has the aim to produce a functional prototype of a moving platform patient for proton therapy and radiation therapy that allows to perform the treatment [...]

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RAISE Project

RAISE Project Research, Application, Innovation and SErvices in Bioimaging The main aim of RAISE is the radiotracers processes production optimization, in order to use them in diagnostic imaging to have informations about the chronic degenerative [...]


PROMISE Project Synthesis setup process, molecule study and demo production of an innovative PET radiotracer for the selective diagnosis of resistant tumors The PROMISE project aims to synthesize and study the molecule [18F]-MC113 that, [...]


MASSIME Project New mechatronics safety systems (cabled and wireless) for railway, aerospace and robotic applications. In recent years, competitiveness and sustainability in the world have a considerable impact on two aspects of mechatronic system: [...]

LOGIN Project: INtegrated LOgistics

LOGIN Project: INtegrated LOgistics LOGIN aim is a platform development to support a cooperation between production units specific industrial processes that belong to different supply chains that form the extended supply chain from raw [...]

Bioimaging Cluster

Bioimaging Cluster Bioimaging Cluster project’s aim is to synthesize, develop and optimise the production process of radiotracers Na18F and 68Ga-DOTATOC, in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). The project has three objectives: to equip Apulian [...]

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